6 Day Assisted Camping Package, gear & water drops: Apollo Bay to 12 Apostles

6 Day Assisted Camping Package, gear & water drops: Apollo Bay to 12 Apostles
From AUD $735.00
  • Duration: 6 Days (approx.)
  • Product code: Camp1
Walk the whole track (100km) in 6 days and spend five nights in some great camping spots. 

We'll transfer the following:

  • Camping gear (you bring your own or you can hire from us at an additional cost if required. See prices at foot of the page*)
  • Our trailer (containing your gear) as close to the campsites as possible. Please read the itinerary below for instruction details on each day's walk. Please note day 4 you carry your gear & on day 5. On day 6 you backtrack by 1.5km to drop your gear in the trailer. 
  • Food. You purchase your food before you arrive, or in Apollo Bay on your arrival. Apollo Bay has 2 supermarkets and a fruit & vegetable store. On the first day of your walk, you leave your food (for the duration of your whole walk) in our trailer. There are no shops on the track.
  • Drinking water. There is no drinking water available on the track, so we leave large containers of drinking water in the trailer for you to access. You bring smaller 1-2 litre bottles to re-fill as required.

You finish your walk at the 12 Apostles on day six at 3pm. We return you back to Apollo Bay. 

(Please note that you cannot walk to Port Campbell as there is no track - the walk ends at the 12 Apostles.)

Starts on selected Saturday (and Monday in high season).  This camping itinerary may not be available every week so please check our advertised dates before you book your sites.

Before Booking You Must:

1) Check that there is availability first by checking dates on our booking button.

2) Book Your Campsites with Parks Victoria (click here for more info). 


The price of the campsites are not included (they are approx $30 per night for a 1, 2 or 3 man tent on one site). If there is no availability for the Great Ocean Walk 'hike in' site, book a spot at the group area site.

3) Book with us. Whilst booking select an official map, lighthouse tickets, EPIRB (emergency positioning device), poles or camping gear to your shopping basket if required.

If you wish to start walking on a Saturday you book the following sites with Parks Victoria as follows:

Day 1: Saturday - Blanket Bay

Day 2: Sunday - Aire River

Day 3: Monday - Johanna

Day 4: Tuesday - Ryan's Den

Day 5: Wednesday - Devils Kitchen

Day 6: Thursday - no site required. Transfer to Apollo Bay from the 12 Apostles included.

If you wish to start walking on a Monday you book the following sites with Parks Victoria as follows:

Day 1: Monday - Blanket Bay

Day 2: Tuesday  - Aire River

Day 3: Wednes
day - Johanna

Day 4: Thursday - Ryan's Den

Day 5: 
Friday - Devils Kitchen

Day 6: Saturday
 - no site required. Transfer to Apollo Bay from the 12 Apostles included.


Your Camping Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 - (22km) Apollo Bay to Blanket Bay.

Please note there is no walk briefing for this walk so you need to bring our walk notes with you, which we will email you on booking. In the morning at approx 8.30am you leave your gear in the trailer in the car park in Pascoe Street, next to the Bendigo Bank and opposite the Eco YHA. On your arrival in Apollo Bay you text us / call on 0405 495 909. We provide you key code for the trailer and leave any extras in the trailer you may have booked with us (i.e. map/ eprib / poles or camping gear).You walk to Blanket Bay from Apollo Bay. We leave the trailer at Blanket Bay car park at approx 3.30pm. 

We will place our trailer as near to the campsites as possible, but due to the amount cars in the car parks in busy periods we can only get the trailer as close as space allows. Please look around for the trailer if you cannot see it immediately - it may be tucked behind a car or two! 

Camp: You book the 'hike in' campsite at Blanket Bay (or book the group area campsite at Blanket Bay if the 'hike in' site is full). 

Day 2 - (21km) Walk Blanket Bay to Aire River. You lock your large rucksacks for collection (by 9 am) in the trailer at Blanket Bay. You walk to Aire River. You collect your rucksacks from the trailer at Aire River in the afternoon.

Camp: You book the 'hike in' campsite at Aire River (or book the group area campsite at Aire River if the 'hike in' site is full). 

Day 3 - (14km) Aire River to Johanna Beach.
Leave large rucksacks for collection (by 9 am) in the trailer at Aire River. You walk to Johanna Beach. You collect rucksacks from the trailer at Johanna Beach in the afternoon.

Camp: You book the 'hike in' campsite at Johanna Beach (or book the group area campsite at Johanna Beach if the 'hike in' site is full). 

Day 4 - (14km) Johanna Beach to Ryan's Den.

Please note on this day we cannot get into the campsite as there is no road/track access, so you need to carry your gear and food. You, therefore, carry your large rucksack and leave your small day pack in the trailer whilst you don't need it and anything else you do not wish to carry. 

Camp: You book the 'hike in' campsite at Ryan's Den. (No group site available)

Day 5 - (13km) Ryans Den, via Wreck Beach to Devils Kitchen.

You carry your large rucksack. At approx 4.30pm we leave a trailer at Wreck Beach Car Park, with water and your food items you choose to leave with us at the start of your walk. Once you have replenished your supplies you walk on to Devils Kitchen for 2.5km.

Camp: You book the 'hike in' campsite at Devils Kitchen. (No group site available)

Day 6 - (16km) Devils Kitchen to 12 Apostles. You carry large rucksack to the 12 Apostles, OR you have the option of walking back to the trailer at Wreck Beach Car Park (1.5km) to lock up your large rucksack before walking on the 12 Apostles with only your day pack. We meet you at the 12 Apostles with your large rucksacks at strictly 3 pm. Walk 91 drive you back into Apollo Bay by approx 5.30pm.

  • Walk notes are included. These will be provided by a link when your booking is confirmed. Please PRINT them off and bring them with you.
  • We strongly suggest you buy an Official Great Ocean Walk Map if you have not already purchased one. You are able to buy a map from GOR Shuttle at an additional cost for $15 and you collect on arrival. (This price does not include postage).
  • We recommend that you prepare/ train for the walk (it can be difficult if you are not fit). 
  • Please wear appropriate clothing, comfortable walking shoes or boots and bring a couple of  1, 2 or 3 litre refillable water bottles. Please only bring a lightweight one or two man tent, or maximum a small three man tent. Only one tent is allowed per site booked.
  • Mobile phone connection: Telstra sim cards offer the best reception on the walk. Note that several sections of the walk do not have phone reception, or it is extremely patchy.

General information regarding this itinerary:

  • Please note that this is a 'bus' service - (not a private transfer/shuttle). To be fair to other walkers we must depart at the advertised time from the 12 Apostles. (You will need to book your own taxi to come back and collect you if you are not at the meeting spot as advertised.) 
  • Please also note that if you arrive early at the 12 Apostles you must wait for your pick up / transfer as times advertised. If you are fast walkers, pace your last day's walk. Enjoy your campsite in the morning before you set off on your walk to avoid a long waiting time at the 12 Apostles. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you book for the correct amount of people. We will not have enough seats on the bus, for you to return to Apollo Bay at the end of the walk if you have not booked for the correct number of walkers. 
  • CHILDREN: Please note all children require their own seats (by law cannot sit on laps) & child 'insert' seats must be provided by the customer where Australian laws apply. GOR shuttle do not provide child seats. Please contact us if you wish to book small children/ infants onto this trip.

Camping hire prices for 5 nights / 6 days:

1 x Walking Poles for 6 days $30

1 x Sleeping bag with 1x liner $45

1 x Roll mat $30

1 x Trangia & 1 x one litre bottle of fuel, basic lightweight plates, cups, bowls/cooking utensils $70. 

(Please note that if you need extra fuel this is charged at an additional cost). 

1 x One or two man tent $85

1 x Large rucksack $35

1 x Small rucksack $30

1 x EPIRB (emergency positioning device) $60

Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) - to deploy in emergencies only so that emergency services can track your position.Please note that this epirb is worth approx $300. If you fail to return this epirb at the end of your walk you will be charged $300 to your visa card.

All items are returned to us at the conclusion of your walk.

If you wish to hire any of these items please add them to your shopping basket when booking.

Thank you!